5-packs of elixirz

Feng Shui Elixir Bundle
Instructions: For best results, use each specific Gem Elixirz aromatherapy spray in the area of its corresponding direction. Activate your manifesting powers while you're standing in each area by setting your own personal intention as you spray. Shift The South area of your home is related to the Fire element. Let your inner light shine bright to attract more positive recognition, as well as boost your reputation within your community by using the Shift spray. Shift allows you to release your self-doubts and insecurities so that the image you radiate as the best possible version of yourself. Love The center of your home is the domain of the Earth element. Create more unity, and a sense of meaningful connection in your personal relationships through the power of the Love spray. The magic of Love spray gently opens your heart so you can attract genuine love, cultivate nurturing relationships, and even draw in new partnerships. Abundance Looking to increase your financial abundance and gain more prosperity? Then look to the West area of your home which correlates to the Metal element. Be generous when using the Abundance spray and open yourself to receive all the monetary gifts and wonderful new opportunities the Universe has in store for you. Focus The North area of your home embraces the energy of the Water element which houses our dreams and life's purpose. Focus spray keeps you in alignment to your soul’s highest path so you can achieve your career goals and stay true to your calling. Calm Head East to elicit the active energy of the Wood element. Calm spray will give you more peaceful intentions which creates loving action. When our thoughts originate from a centered and grounded place, then we can create more peace and harmony through all of our actions.
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